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What is a projector screen?

The projector screens are used to display still images and motion pictures and consist of white or grey surface and supporting structure.

What are the benefits of buying a projector screen?

Using projector screens allows users to set up home theatres, deliver presentations in the classroom or during meetings, conferences, product launches, and other events. The screens come in different types and shapes, which makes them suitable for a wide array of applications.

What are the different types of projector screens and what are their features?

According to their installation type, the projector screens are divided into permanently installed and mobile, where the former are typically mounted permanently on walls and are used in movie or home theatres. The mobile screens are the ones, used to deliver presentations in classrooms, meetings, and boardrooms. The pull down projector screens are also normally mounted on walls, but the screen surface is pulled down when in use, and later on rolled back in the case. Special types are the switchable projector screens, which can be witched between clear and opaque and when in opaque, the image is visible from both sides of the screen from any angle, making them perfect for advertising on store windows. The electric screens are very similar to the pull-down screens, but the screen is pulled down and rolled up by an electric motor; these screens could be mounted on walls or ceilings, or be portable as well and often come with a remote control. When it comes to the projector screens’ features, the most important ones are the screen’s gain, geometry, and contrast and brightness. The gain of the screen measures its capability to reflect light and the numbers normally range between 0.8 and 2.5. The geometry of the screen refers to its native aspect ratio, where most screens are either 4:3 or 16:9 (wide screen format), but square (1:1) and other types are available as well. 

Projector screens aren't only for offices.

» Skytronic

952.309 ADASTRA 96952.312 ADASTRA 96952.314 ADASTRA 86

» Allcam

PCW106ME 106PCT80MM 80PCP60MM 60PCW106GE 106PCW120GE 120PCW80MM 80PCW92MM 92PCW92ME 92

» Hama

Hama Tripod Projector Screen 180 WhiteHama Tripod Projector Screen 155 WhiteHama Tripod Projector Screen 125 White

» Capital Screens

Capital Screens 100 inch Electric Projector Screen, 16:9, Glass Beaded, FREE PROJECTOR MOUNT & HOOKS (worth £55)

» VivoMounts

120" (4:3) Manual Projection Screen for Hitachi projector120" (4:3) Manual Projection Screen for Epson projector77" (16:9) Electric Motorised Projection Screen for Optoma  projector120" (4:3) Universal Home Cinema LCD DLP Manual Projection Screen for Acer projector

» Metroplan

METROPLAN LVM8002 Leader Manual Cinema Style Screen Video Format (150cm x 200cm) Wall/Ceiling ScreenMETROPLAN LSE4003 Leader Wall Screen Electric Plug and Play Square Format (240cm x 240cm) Wide Wall/Ceiling ScreenMETROPLAN 201462V Leader Portable Floor Screen Video Format (135cm x 180cm) Wide


Panoview DS-9084PMG 84" 16:9 Pull Down Projector Screen

» Optoma

Manual Projector Screen 16:9 - 92" (234 cm) - DS-9092PM.G+Optoma Panoview 84 inch Manual Pull Down 16:9 Projection Screen (DS-9084PMG)

» Other reviews

Professional ULW200 Lightweight Tripod Projector Screen - 112 x 200cm


Portable Presentation Projector Screen - 4:3 / 50" Inch

» Nobo

NOBO - Projection screen - 4:3 - Matte WhiteNOBO - Projection screen with tripod - 4:3 - Matte White

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